The Fall Cougarettes are a highly competitive group that performs as a part of the YCHS Marching Band competitive shows.  Performances include football games, parades, and marching competitions.  The focus of this group is development of fundamentals of movement, equipment, and design.  All students selected for the team are enroll in the 1st semester Color Guard course.  


The 3 Winter Cougarettes teams are highly competitive groups that perform competitive shows in gyms.  Performances include competitions, pep rallies, district tour, and possible community events. 


Our Cadet Winter Cougarettes team is comprised of 7th & 8th graders at YMS.  Our Pearls & Diamonds Winter Cougarettes teams are comprised of 9th -12th graders.  These teams are selected based on skill level.   All Pearls & Diamonds Team members are enrolled in the 2nd semester Winter Guard course. 

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