the largest and most active performing group at YCHS including wind instruments, marching percussion, non-marching percussion, and The Cougarettes.


The Marching Band performs at all home football games, in parades, and at competitions during the months of September and October.  


A great deal of time and effort goes into the competition show each year with rewards and memories that will last a lifetime.



“What to Wear from Head to Toe!”
The dress code of Marching Band:

Protect your eyes: sunglasses, hats, and visors

Hair:  All hair should be pulled back and away from face.  Use elastics and/or bobby pins


Shirts:  Moisture wicking shirts/sport shirts keep you cooler and dryer than regular T-shirts.
      a.    Tank tops are permitted – no spaghetti strap/camisole types, no wide open underarm tanks
      b.    Bra tops or bra tanks are not shirts and should be worn under something
      c.    Necklines should be full coverage and age appropriate.

Proper Undergarments:  Sports bras & compression shorts
      a.    Ladies should be well supported with the type of undergarment they choose to wear
      b.    Both ladies and gentlemen are strongly encouraged to wear compression shorts under their other athletic shorts  
                    i.    Compression shorts reduce muscle vibration and fatigue - enabling higher performance levels for longer periods 
                   ii.    Compression shorts prevent chafing
                  iii.    Compression shorts provide moisture management


Shorts: Students should wear knit or sport material shorts.  No jeans, no khakis.
      a.    Short lengths: (usually only a concern for female students)
                  i.    All shorts worn to camp or any rehearsal must be approaching mid-thigh or longer
                 ii.    Any shorts that may be shorter than the student’s mid-thigh MUST be worn with longer mid-thigh compression shorts or a similar                           under short
      b.    Female students should aim toward a “basketball short” fit and NOT a “running” short
      c.    All students should wear shorts that FIT or are little loose and are not too tight









Socks:  Socks are a MUST to prevent blisters.  Now you can find moisture wicking socks!


Athletic Shoes:  Marching Band shoes MUST be athletic in nature.  The should not have a flat bottom/flat sole/flat tread, and should not be a “fashion” sneaker.
      a.    Athletic shoes are made just for that…..athletic activity
                 i.    They give the foot, leg, knee, and back proper stability and support
                ii.    The athletic shoe should be very flexible










Leggings and yoga type attire
      a.    Leggings or tight yoga type capris are not pants and should

             only be with shorts OVER THEM 










Items students need for Camp/Season:    

•     Make sure your binder is black 
•     Students need the type with the clear insert cover
•     Make sure your binder has at least 10 clear plastic sheet protectors  

•     Everyone needs a GRAY towel the size of your instrument (color guard needs hand towel size)
•     Please write your FULL name on the towel with a permanent marker


Water Jug
•     All students should have a (RED recommended) water jug (not a water bottle)
•     Students can bring bottles in addition to a jug, but everyone needs a jug
•     Please write your FULL name on all jugs and bottles with a permanent marker 


•     All students are expected to generously apply deodorant before arriving to camp
•     It is also encouraged to keep extra deodorant in the student’s marching band bag or band locker for reapplication 
The music store will be visits our camp usually on the first 2 Wednesdays.
•    They will have most items in stock when they visit.  If for some reason they do not have what the student needs, they will bring it the next week.  Once school begins the music store visits our school once a week usually on Thursdays.  The supply list is included in the Handbook.


Kathy’s Enterprises usually visits us on the 1st day of camp during lunch break (12:30pm-1:30pm) to take measurements & orders for band/color guard shoes and color guard gloves.  Students will need to purchase & order their band/Cougarettes marching shoes and/or Cougarettes gloves on this day.
•    Students will need to bring their payment with them in the morning to turn in during lunch.  Shoe orders cannot be placed during the 7pm Parent Meeting.
  *ALL rookie members MUST order & purchase shoes this year.

  *All veteran members that have outgrown their shoes, lost their shoes, or have shoes with major wear & tear MUST  order & purchase shoes.
  *ALL rookie & veteran Cougarettes members MUST order & purchase a pair shoes & gloves (veterans with gloves in good shape do not have to         order anthoer pair).

 PRICES - Found in the handbook.  This is not a part of the camp fee.  The above is the property of and responsibility of the student.  Orders for the above materials will be placed during band camp by Kathy’s Enterprises. 
>Be prepared to provide payment on the order date
>Please make checks payable to: Kathy Pickens


Eat breakfast before on days you have MB – even if you are not normally a breakfast eater.  Foods such as pop-tarts, toast, bananas, or even peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will help you get through the morning.  Stay away from Milk, cereal, eggs, bacon, sodas, anything greasy etc.
Eat Lunch & Pay Attention to what you eat - Your body needs the right kind of fuel to perform properly. Burgers and pizza are great to eat – but to perform properly you need lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats and grains, bread and pasta are a good idea.
    *Lunch Ideas: Sandwiches (with meat or peanut butter) Sides: chips, carrot sticks, celery sticks, any and all kinds of fruit, yogurt, packs of                crackers, sport drink
Bring your water jug!  Drink plenty of water throughout the day. It takes at least 2 hours for water to be fully absorbed. 

       Drink water during the car ride to camp to begin hydration. 


Appropriate:                                                                  NOT Appropriate:

Appropriate:                                                                    NOT Appropriate:

Appropriate:                                                                                                           NOT Appropriate:

Appropriate:                                                    NOT Appropriate:

Preparing for Band Camp

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