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This starts your time investment as you listen to hours of monotonous scales or watch flag spins.  Somehow, in September you will notice a new young adult who bears a slight resemblance to the child you remember marching onto the field in a strange costume.  On this day, you will accept the investment of time and money as worthwhile, as you and your child will be rich with memories and you will recognize the growth in your child.



  • Show an interest in the music study of your child.

  • Arrange a regular time for him/her to practice (a quiet place with no interruptions)

  • Help the student keep a daily record of his practicing.

  • Give him/her a safe place in which to keep the instrument.

  • Keep the instrument in good repair with reeds, etc., in the case.

  • Help him/her to be early for rehearsals and lessons.

  • Make faithful attendance at all activities important.

  • Encourage him/her to play for others when opportunities arise, in the home, at school, church and in the community.

  • Double-check behind your student

  • Check email, web page, and or Facebook page updates daily

  • Donating food or other items


Meals During School

  • As any athlete should, all MB students are expected to eat a breakfast and a “GOOD” lunch once school begins on days they have after school rehearsal

    • Students should eat school lunch or bring their own “camp-like” lunch

      • A “vending machine” lunch will NOT suffice  


Dressing out for Class (at YCHS)

  • Winds and percussion students (1st & 3rd Block) should bring “dress out” clothes for band class each day. 

    • These should be regular camp clothes.

      • Battery will dress out almost every day

      • Front and winds will dress out as needed for class

      • REQUIRED – Athletic shoes are required EVERY DAY for class

  • All Cougarettes students (4th Block) should bring “dress out” clothes for class each day.



  • Notify the teacher if he/she is to be absent or tardy for lesson, rehearsals, etc., and explain why in writing.

  • Do not “hang out” in the band room before or after events unless you are on the Chaperone/Equipment list for that particular even.  Many things are taking place with 100 + bodies in a small space. 

  • See that he/she takes the instrument and the music when needed at school and brings it home for individual practice.

  • See that he/she stays current with classroom studies and makes up work he/she has missed.

  • Visit rehearsals often

  • Discuss with Band Directors anything that will help them to understand your child.

  • Attend performances and parent meetings whenever possible.

  • Help with parent activities, such as fundraisers.

  • Assure that all Student dues are current.

  • Provide private instruction


Student Pick-up/Parking after Rehearsals

  • Student Drivers

    • Will leave their car in the student parking lot from in the morning, OR will pull unto the band parking lot and park on the “perimeter” parking spaces of the lot

  • Parent Pick-Up

    • Pick-up in the band practice lot

      • Please pull into a parking space to wait for your student.

        • DO NOT create a “pick-up” loop in the band practice lot, which blocks people that are already parked and ready to leave.

        • Enter Cat Scratch Alley from Lincoln Rd.

        • Stay on the bus loop until you get to the WIDE side entrance of the band practice lot on the left

        • Pull into a parking space

      • DO NOT wait for your student on the bus loop


8th Grade Members Arriving at the High School for after school Rehearsal

  • Our 8th grade marching band members will need to ride one of the shuttle buses on days that we have after school rehearsals and games

    • Students will be notified of bus numbers

      • 8th grade members can arrive already dressed out for rehearsal or dress immediately upon arriving to the high school



Volunteer Application – YSD1

Audience Etiquette

Marching shows have become more complex.  Many bands have become competitive, whereas only a few were 15 or 20 years ago. The support for the activity is beginning to rival major sports.  Some spectators may be guilty of being inconsiderate to the performing bands and other spectators. Most of the time, this occurs only because people are not aware of the etiquette of marching competitions or concerts.  Because of this, we have outlined a few things you should and shouldn't do...


  • Support ALL bands & students.  The students, staff, and directors on the field have worked incredibly hard to perform for you – just as our students, staff, and directors.


  • Observe the whole show or concert. By this we mean watch different elements. Your interest may be percussion, but you might be surprised with the rifle work the guard is doing, too. Often several things are going on at once in a given performance and you may watch the same show several times and see something new on each occasion.


  • Respect others. Please be courteous and applaud at the end of solos, major drill moves and at the end of musical selections. Also, don't be afraid to tell a band member or band parent from another band that they did a nice job, even if you don't know them. You would be surprised how good it makes someone feel if they are told that you liked their show.


  • Show up early. The best seat in the stadium for a band contest is on or near the 50-yard line and as high up as you can get.  Parents from the same band are encouraged to sit together to better rally support.


  • Talk.  It is important to realize that although it is fun to socialize with friends and family during a contest, it is rather rude to make a lot of noise during any performance including marching band performances. To put this in perspective, you wouldn't normally openly discuss what kind of week you had with a friend at a theater during a movie. Marching band contests are no different. Granted, the venues are generally outside, but the sound of voices tends to travel pretty far in the fall air and it is disruptive to someone who may want to hear a particular performance.  You might be surprised what you are missing if you paid attention to the performance on the field.


  • Move around.  NEVER get and leave or enter the stadium during a band’s performance.  Something else you should avoid is any unnecessary movement during performances. This includes, getting up to run to the refreshment stand or the restroom during a performance. There is time for that in between every performance and each show is only about 8 minutes long.


  • Get wrapped up in the term "competition." For what it is worth, most band members call contests "shows," because that is what they are. Scores are pretty arbitrary and can vary quite a bit from show to show. The bottom line is that everyone in every band is literally trying to perform to the best of their ability and each ensemble has something to offer the spectator. Everyone loves to win, but if the main purpose of a band becomes winning every show, they are missing the point.


  • Make negative comments about other bands. For instance, if you don't like a particular band's uniform, be happy in the fact that you don't have to wear it and move on with your life. We all may have sat in the audience at many shows and listened to people make derogatory comments about other bands. If you have nothing nice to say, please be quiet.  You never know who could be sitting close by.


  • Obstruct the view of others. Please avoid standing in front of people trying to watch the show. If you have a banner you wish to display, please do so from the top of the stands or in some other fashion that doesn't block the field of vision of the other spectators.

  • Boo other bands or the judges. We all have been at shows where you did not agree with the results, but unfortunately, those things happen from time to time.

Chaperone Guidelines

The purpose of these guidelines is to provide chaperones with information regarding their responsibilities and duties in the supervision of band students before, during, and after athletic events, band contests, or any activity where chaperones are necessary. 


All chaperones MUST be on the YSD1 Approved Volunteer List.  All competition & game chaperones must be physically fit and able to distance walk, carry props, and/or jog/run to help a students or retrieve forgotten items.


I.  The major roles of chaperones are to insure the safety and well-being of all members of the band, as well as monitoring student behavior to maintain decorum and professionalism throughout.  It is virtually impossible to anticipate all situations that might endanger the students; however, chaperones are encouraged to be watchful and to quickly address any situations that might be hazardous.


II.  All rules of York Comprehensive High School AND special rules of the York Comprehensive High School Band apply to ALL students on ALL band activities.  Chaperones should familiarize themselves with these rules and report any infractions to the band director for appropriate disciplinary action. 


III.  Illness and injury, although infrequent, are always a possibility, and chaperones should be aware of procedures for dealing with emergency situations.

                    A.  Keep all other students away from the sick or injured.

                    B.  Administer first aid; know the location of the first aid kit (buses)

                    C.  Notify the band directors and/or other school officials.

                    D.  Notify the EMS/Rescue Squad or doctor if needed.


IV.  Chaperones should:

 A.  Pre-trip:

  1. Arrive at the band room at the same time as band students.  Times will vary depending on the location of the event however, all times will be given to chaperones prior to the event.

  2. Help gather all students to the band room at the meeting time.

  3. Help with uniforms and loading equipment; help to make sure all equipment, supplies, uniforms, etc., are loaded.

  4. Make sure that the first aid bags, and coolers are carried to the stadium or are loaded onto the buses for away events.

  5. Get schedule of events/itinerary from the band directors.

  6. Inspect buses for damage before students are loaded.  Report damage to the bus driver PRIOR to departure.

  7. Inspect buses again at the end of the trip.


 B.   Behavior on Buses On Buses:

  1. Check the roll as soon as students load the buses

  2. Make sure students remain seated.

  3. Make sure driver's instructions are followed.

  4. In case of a problem, have driver signal other buses and/or call directors on cell phones.

  5. Personal Electronic Devices with headphones are permitted, but NO external speakers are allowed.

  6. Chaperones should be seated in the middle and back of the bus.  Any directors or staff members will need to sit in the front of the bus.

  7. Always keep students seated on buses until the directors come to get them off of the bus.

  8. Seated the entire trip.  Students WILL NOT move around the bus.

  9. You may move a student if they are a behavior problem.


C.   Behavior at Events At Events:

1.  Be especially watchful at events which occur away from home.  Encourage students to use the buddy system. 

2.  Escort students to bathrooms or dressing rooms as instructed by the band director.

3.  Follow the band in and help with students, equipment, uniforms, personal student items, etc. as needed

4.  Meet the band when they come off of the field at the end of a performance.  Assist them with water, illness, etc., and escort them to the buses, dressing rooms, stands, etc., as instructed by the band director.

5.  NO food or drink is allowed in the stands while the band is "ON DUTY".

6.  Assist with serving water to students during game and after half-time performances.  Also, assist with serving food to students at contests if applicable.

7.  Students are allowed to go to the bathroom ONLY with a chaperone present.  Bathroom visits should be limited to before an event, during half-time or break, and at the end of an event.  Unless it is an emergency, there should be NO bathroom visits during other times.

8.  Chaperones should sit around the band's block during the game.

9.  Assist director(s) in keeping students in their block and exhibiting proper behavior while the band is "ON DUTY."  NO visitors should sit with the band.  Students may stand but should not venture from their seat.  ALL students should stand and actively participate when the band plays.

10.  Assist director in making sure that all students are in proper portions of the band uniform as instructed by the directors.

                      a.  Students are to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.

                      b.  NO LOUD TALKING

                      c.  Students will move quickly and quietly in an orderly fashion when they get off of the bus

                      d.  Directors/Staff will give instructions about getting off of the bus.  Please help hold all students accountable to these



                      d. Post-trip:

                              1.  Make sure all equipment and students are loaded before leaving.

                              2.  Once home, inspect buses for damage and left items.

                              3.  Watch as students call for rides, unload equipment, and leave for home.

                              4.  Help secure equipment in proper places.

                              5.  Return Roll/Sign-Out Sheets to the directors upon arrival home.


V.  YCHS Band Chaperone Expectations:

       A.  All actions and words should reflect positively on our band and school.

       B.  NO public displays of affection

       C.  No profanity or vulgar language, including vulgar cheers

       D.  Chaperones must be VERY knowledgeable or the YCHS Band Handbook and all of the expectations for students. Chaperones

              are expected to help hold students accountable for all expectations.  Blatant disregard for expectations, participating in the

              spread in inaccurate information (or rumors/drama), or insubordination will result in being removed from band chaperone lists.

       E.  No smoking allowed as per school rules on buses or at events.

       F.  Chaperones should conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times.


VI.  In Case of Misbehavior:

       A.  Note student's name and behavior.

       B.  Keep confrontations to a minimum.

       C.  STOP ALL INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR.  You are expected to call students down if necessary.  Students should obey  

             chaperones as they do other school officials.


VII.  Large groups of young people have several characteristics in common.  They are noisy, excitable, and often guilty of poor judgment.  Chaperones need to have patience, love for young people, and a good sense of humor.  Thank you for your willingness to serve our children.


Chaperone/Pit Crew Checklist before bus leaves for Contests

  1. Food/Water Coolers filled & loaded

  2. First Aid Kits

  3. Instruments Loaded

  4. All Chaperones have Band Badges on

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