Private Lessons

Who should take private lessons?

  • Anyone!  Students who are of an advanced skill level, or those who may struggle with several intermediate skills.

  • Students who are highly motivated (possibly thinking of majoring or minoring in music in college)


What are private lessons?

  • Usually 30 minutes to an hour and a half of one on one instruction with a student and upper level musician.


When are private lessons?

  • Usually this is decided between the parent of the student and the instructor.  Lessons are an added responsibility for the student, and an added financial responsibility for the parent.  Most of the time private instructors will work around/with your schedules and financial needs.  Students may take as few as one lesson a month or as many lessons as once a week.


Where are private lessons?

  • Many instructors on the college level will want to teach out of their office on campus.  Some instructors teach out of their home.  Some instructors may be willing to travel to the student’s home or the school campus.


Why should a student take private lessons if they are already in a band class at school?

  • Taking private lessons gives a student an “upper edge.”  A large number of students who make Region Band & All-State band take private lessons. 

  • Working with a private teacher can help a student keep up with peers in the group setting.

  • Private lessons can help to minimize frustration or confidence issues students may have in the full band class.

  • Often students convey a new found motivation for playing and music once they begin lessons


How can we get started with private lessons?

  • Private instructors are contractors, so you will need to contact an instructor directly.

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